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Foot torture and barefoot model

New clip about barefoot extreme in my studio in clips4sale.

New clip “Barefoot on broken glass” in my studio in Clips4Sales

Anonymous asked:

What is your shoe size?

41 european size.

Anonymous asked:

How about 100 euro? OK? Also, I would like to see blood, even a little. Can you send me pictures of sea urchins, which you'll use? When you're done? How can I pay?

I’m sorry but it will not be possible to make this video. I have informed me and urchins are poisonous. If they make me an injury I may have health problems.

Anonymous asked:

Have you ever kissed the feet of an unknown man?


Anonymous asked:

"Yes, I can shhot an video about it. How long do you want." about 10-15 minutes...

10 euros per minute.

Anonymous asked:

So what about sea urchins? You can make a video? When and how much should I pay? Of course, I'm talking about sea urchins with large needles ...

Yes, I can shhot an video about it. How long do you want.

Anonymous asked:

acquisto sempre i tuoi filmati ma non trovo quello in cui cammini sulle braci. come mai ?

This video is an exclusive of Marias Foot Torture.



Anonymous asked:

hi..have you ever made to do push ups barefoot?and if yes who made you do this?

I do not understand your question.

Anonymous asked:

hai provato a tenere sotto la pianta una sigaretta accesa per quanto tempo prima di bruciare la pelle ??

Si. 1 minuto.

Anonymous asked:

Can I ask you to make a video in which you will lick your own dirty soles after a two week of not washing them?)

How much you pay for it

Anonymous asked:

Do you have a religion or are you an atheist?

No religion

Anonymous asked:

Cecilia, your feet are so amazing! Do you ever have plans for coming to the UK?

Maybe soon

Anonymous asked:

Are you interested in being shipped to Colombia to be my slave? You can continue your work here and I will pay you anything you want. But you will be my slave and cannot wear any clothes and take one shower per week

Yes, of course. How much you pay for it